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Siblings of Children With Autism: A Guide for Families Siblings of Children With Autism: A Guide for Families (Topics in Autism)

by Sandra L. Harris

An invaluable guide to understanding sibling relationships, how autism affects these relationships, and what families can do to support their children as they cope with the intensive needs of a child with autism.

Sandra L. Harris, Ph.D., is Professor and Dean of the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. She is also the author of Right from the Start and the Executive Director of the Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center, a program for children and adolescents with autism, which she founded in 1972.

Autism and Personality : Findings from the Tavistock Autism Workshop Autism and Personality: Findings from the Tavistock Autism Workshop

Anne Alvarez, Susan Reid, Editors

Taking a psychoanalytic and developmental approach, Autism and Personalityoutlines the new developments in therapeutic techniques used by the Tavistock Autism Team and Workshop in London to treat autistic children. It also underlines the importance of support for parents and siblings, who are all too often ignored as a factor in the child's progress. The contributors present fresh ideas about the importance of personality in the development of the condition, and the implications of psychotherapeutic technique. Using vignettes to illustrate theoretical ideas, coupled with vivid case studies highlighting the patient's changing contact with the therapist, the book gives a fascinating picture of the individuality of each child and of the sensitivity and skill required for each treatment.

Anne Alvarez and Susan Reid are Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists at the Tavistock Clinic in London and Co-Convenors of the Tavistock Autism Service and Workshop. Dr. Alvarez is the author of Live Company: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy with Autistic, Abused and Borderline Psychotic Children. Dr. Reid founded the Autism Research Workshop in 1986 and is the editor of Developments in Infant Observation.

The Developing Mind : Toward a Neurobiology of Interpersonal Experience The Developing Mind: Toward a Neurobiology of Interpersonal Experience

by Daniel J. Siegel

The mind is a fascinating but not a simple subject. Dr. Daniel Siegel's current, thorough, closely argued text will reward those who stick with it. A psychiatrist specializing in children and families, Siegel is intrigued by the processes of human developmentand the relationships between individuals. The broad field of neurobiology has many theories, much data, and a variety of viewpoints, and accordingly, Siegel presents a vast amount of material, carefully ordered in sequence of presentation to point up the lessons it has to teach. Genetics and experience help produce the mind, he shows, but also combine and react with each other. One of Siegel's major gifts is for presenting anatomical, neurological, research, and clinical information while still pointing out what remains unknown.

He explores infant-parent relationships, emotions, states of mind, and how knowing about them can help one improve one's relationships and capabilities for developing successfully. In this extraordinary book, Siegel creatively integrates state-of-the-art knowledge of emotional development, neurobiology, cognitive science, attachment research, and complexity theory. The resulting model cogently describes how a developing brain/mind organizes itself in the context of an emotional relationship with other brain/minds. This cutting-edge volume is essential reading for clinicians, researchers, and anyone who is intrigued by one of science's fundamental problems the psychobiological origins of the human mind.


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