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Our intent for this site is to create an information resource infrastructure for parents of, or physicians who treat brain-injured children. Currently these brain pathologies are compartmentalized under many labels such as autism, cerebral palsy, developemental delay, metabolic genetic disorder, ADHD, and PDD. Although these injuries can and in some cases do contribute to systemic diseases, including those of the enteric nervous system or possibly other organs, the unifying element to these labels is the underlying disease of brain injury.

The body of knowledge in this area is vast and unyeilding and yet there are few answers, though everyday there is new hope. As our site matures and we accumulate more scientific data, under this umbrella site of brain injury, we may begin to see - between the differences - the trends and similarities of these different "disorders".

With specific reasoning we chose Autism as our first subject of brain injury. Autism rates have risen dramatically within the last ten years, changing consensus figures from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 500 children per year. We find this number staggering.

Our other reason is based on the alchemical theory of the gut/brain axis. These systems have been studied independently for some time now, but with the rising numbers of diagnoses of autism and the accumulating research, medicine is being forced to reunite these systems in the effort toward understanding the etiologies behind brain injuries such as autism. This brings forth and emphasizes the new need for the paradigm of holistic medicine in this field.

We would also like this site to be the children's beacon for all their advocates and physicians; that they may play a role in its development and its contribution towards creating an infrastructure for treating brain injured pathologies. Please utilize our interactive WebForums and send your ideas and contributions.


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