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  The Role of Secretin in the Treatment of Autism

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Secretin Therapy

The most common route for secretin is as an intravenous bolus. The other two routes that are being considered are oral or transdermal. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet has written a good review of treatment options: Summary of Autism/PDD Clinical Evaluation and Treatment Options.

There are positive anecdotal stories for either approach. Dr. Christina Hift, has reported trying both ways (Gut-group, February 20, 1999) and feels her outcomes are better with the high dose, intravenous route, than the lower dose, transdermal route.

Dr. Sydney Baker states that he thought the pancreas needed a sudden bolus of a large amount of secretin, and has suggested using the whole vial no matter the age of the patient. (Sat, 20 Feb 1999 13:00:03 -0800: Jaquelyn McCandless).

Transdermal Secretin:

Victoria Beck has written in detail about how to use Secretin in conjuction with DMSO for a transdermal approach. The details are available at: Autism and Secretin.

Another perspective, with a biochemist parent's interpretation is available from the National Alliance for Autism Research. Look under NAAR Review - Secretin and Autism for an excellent report.

These links alone will direct you to many other interesting pages.

Oral Secretin Study:

Oral secretin is given three times a day along with a vitamin compound:

Parents say the first signs of change seem to happen within the first three days. Progress tends to happen quickly thereafter. The expectation is for social skills and interaction with other children and adults. Self stimulating behaviors decrease. Children with poor appetites seem to take on new food interests. Verbal skills improve. Bowel movements and potty training improve. Better eye contact and social awareness are reported.

The cost for a vitamin and secretin package that will last for two weeks is $60.00 plus shipping and handling. The secretin is to be given for three weeks and then discontinued. The vitamins can be given as long as you like. You can repeat the treatment as soon as three weeks from the last day of treatment.

The data to date shows that there has been positive results of approximately 85% of the children. The other 15% show little to no changes.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions concerning this protocol

Q:  How often should I give the oral secretin?

Answer:   The secretin is to be given orally three times a day, either 20 minutes before or after each meal. The directions are on each vial.

Q:  How often do I give the vitamins?

Answer:   Two vitamins a day.

Q:  If my child is currently on Vitamins or medications should I stop them in order to give the oral secretin?

Answer:   No, This combination can be given with any type of vitamin and/or medication. Remember the secretin will help to take out what the body does not need.

Q:  What exactly is in the vitamins?


* Vitamin "A": This improves the sight, repairs the body and maintains healthy skin, mucous membranes and bones. It assists in resisting infections and is essential for growth.

* Vitamin B-1: Prevents depression, irritability and memory loss, while increasing energy and concentration.

* Vitamin B-2: A deficiency in this vitamin can cause trembling, dizziness, insomnia and slow learning.

* Vitamin B-6: Is a regulator and the lack of it causes depression, tension, mental retardation, and anemia.

* Vitamin B-12: The basis for cell production. It is essential for metabolizing fatty acids. and basically puts a stop to any brain deterioration.

* Magnesium: Also essential to synthesize the "B" vitamins for body growth and protein metabolism.

* Zinc: This is necessary for the synthesis of DNA and RNA, and for the productive release of the vitamin "A" from the liver.

* Chromium: Stimulates the synthesis of essential nerve transmitters by enhancing the transport of amino acid precursors across the blood and brain barrier.

* Calcium: Also necessary for digestion and growth. It helps to control excitability of nerves and muscles and also helps control nerve impulses.

* Lecithin: This is a component of every cell. It regulates whatever may enter or leave the brain and increases brain function and energy.

Most of these elements pass the blood/brain barrier.

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John Wills Lloyd, University of Virginia, Curry School of Education: Autism and Secretin

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