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Digital Portfolios are a flexible and versatile marketing & advertising tool designed specifically for fine artists & craftspersons.

You may use your work and previous promotional presentations to communicate in a wide range of media, focusing your message to your target audience. Over time, a complete Digital Portfolio is created enabling a quick assembly and communication of new, modified, timely messages to take advantage of your various exposure opportunities, such as show announcements, product brochures, gallery invitations or cards for special mailings. Your portfolio and promotional materials can be developed gradually or all at once depending on your time and budget constraints. We have found this process to be extremely successful and beneficial for our artist friends!

We will scan your negatives, slides, and/or photographs to create a "digital portfolio" of your artwork. We can then create promotional materials featuring your pieces which are timely and appropriate for the media you are utilizing. A digital portfolio gives you several options:

  • All of your images on your hard drive, CD or zip disk
  • We keep your images so we can create promotional materials for you with the image(s) you want featured
  • Creation of post cards, business cards, note cards, brochures, flyers, catalogs, etc. which can be easily modified to fit your promotional needs and requirements
  • Small quantity printing of your promotional materials
  • Easy-to-change featured photos and text in promotional materials
  • Portfolio can be updated as you create new work


We will work with you to design a digital portfolio and promotional program that meets your needs and budget!
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