The Creative Arts

  for Healing

Until such time as we can create our vision of the use of the creative Arts for healing to share here, please see the links below for those who have already begun that journey:

Art As a Healing Force Web On this site we have information about how art heals, the history of the art and healing, and how each person can heal themselves with art, music, and dance We also will share the experiences of healers working in medical programs using art, and of artists making healing art to heal themselves, others, and the earth.

The Arts and Healing Network The Arts and Healing Network's web site is an international resource and exchange for anyone interested in the healing potential of art, especially environmentalists, social activists, artists, health care practioners, and those challenged by illness.

Shamanic Arts for the Earth All of the arts owe their origins to the spiritual craft of shamanism. Shamanism is the ancient universal tradition whereby personal and tribal healing and empowerment is nurtured, supervised and accomplished through the special skills and services of a charismatic individual. This shaman may be male or female. He or she may be called medicine wo/man, witch doctor, sorcerer/ess, magician, witch, psychic, yogi, yogini, kahuna, medium, seer and various other names around the globe.

Healing and the Arts Patients and medical providers both have a great deal to gain through the use of the arts and humanities in medical education and patient care. Healing and the Arts is an innovative program exploring the ways in which the arts and humanities can support the process of healing.



The Traumatic Incident Reduction Art Gallery As a former survivor of trauma, and as an artist, it is a vision of mine to recapture and support a culture of the artist as healer, and of healing as an art. So many of the artists I know have suffered the shock of trauma, whether suddenly precipitated by events, or perpetually induced by the sensitivities of their own perceptions. In so many places in the modern world, art has lost its vision as a connection to the divine soul we all strive to find within ourselves. Equally, the ethos of the world has left traditional healers and visionary artists without the recognition and acknowledgement that they so deserve. Please view this site as a place to share your own healing journey and contribute to others, and in the sanctuary of that space, enrich our ability to see that which has been created.

Person Centered Expressive Therapy Institute Expressive art therapy integrates all of the arts in a safe, non-judgmental setting to facilitate personal growth and healing. To use the arts expressively means going into our inner realms to discover feelings and to express them through visual art, movement, sound, writing or drama. This process fosters release, self-understanding, insight and awakens creativity and transpersonal states of consciousness.

Christine Norstrand
My purpose is to help bring about the new civilization. I really mean it. I have some strongly held ideas around how to do that - ideas that center around new worldviews, holding to one's own truth with integrity, imagination, committing to communication no matter how dificult that is sometimes. I think freedom depends on the ability to change one's mind, I think we are trapped forever if our visions of the future are defined by our past experiences and what others tell us are realistic expectations. The new civilization requires no less than a miracle, the incarnation of Spirit in relationship with truth, love and beauty.


National Art Exhibitions by the Mentally Ill, Inc.

This is a non profit organization devoted to increasing public awareness and understanding about art created by persons who have experienced mental illness. Since 1988, NAEMI has held an annual nation wide search of psychiatric institutions to identify mentally disabled artists and give them the opportunity to exhibit their work, receive recognition, validation, vocational rehabilitation and self confidence and generate an income through the sale of their art work.