Global Ecosystems

  In need of Healing

It was tempting to title this section after our section on the Creative Arts for Healing: "Global Ecoystems for Healing". After all, Nature is the grandest and most forgiving healer of all. Individually, as a "person-centered" therapist, I make a practice of including and respecting the whole of my clients' reality in their process of healing - to a degree beyond what Carl Rogers considered "unconditional positive regard".

In the recent history of the world, a much different "person-centered" viewpoint as antagonistic to Nature has perpetuated the depletion and destruction of our vital life resources, not only for other "endangered species", but possibly for the human race as well. In the spirit of the Native American and other indigenous traditions, I believe that, regarding Nature, we need to take a more "world-centered" stance, realizing our small but important part in the overall scheme of things. Nature, interacted with in reverence, has profound power as a healing force. It is one of the most compassionate, non-restrictive, non-judgemental and all encompassing creative teachers that I have had the pleasure to be a student of.

Also, as an artist, I am constantly reminded of the words of the famous sculptor, Auguste Rodin:

"In order to express life, to render nature, one must will and will and will with all the strength of heart and brain: Nature exceeds - and greatly - human genius. Before Nature, I am plunged into infinite admiration; for every one of her beauties, that she shows us and that we express, there are a hundred, a thousand that escape us. We know only parcels of truth. There are unknown forces in Nature; when we give ourselves wholly to her, without reserve, she lends them to us; she shows us these forms which our watching eyes do not see, which our intelligence does not understand or suspect. In art, to admit only what one understands, leads to impotence"

Not only in art, but with our other Sciences - unconditionally, and with the intention of healing - it is now time to give something back to the source that sustains us.

As an avid scuba-diver and long-time seafarer, I've begun this section of links with the oceans:

"The cure for anything is salt water -- sweat, tears, or the sea."

The Center for Marine Conservation The Center for Marine Conservation is committed to conserving the abundance and diversity of the world's marine life and protecting the health of the oceans and seas. Eons ago, life began to evolve in the waters that cover the Earth. Though we left those waters, those waters never left us.

The Cousteau Society The Cousteau Society is a nonprofit, membership-supported organization dedicated to the protection and improvement of the quality of life for present and future generations. Founded in 1973 by Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau, The Society believes that only an informed and alerted public can best make the decisions necessary to protect and manage the world's natural resources.

1998: Year of the Ocean Conservation programs, university researchers, educators and government programs are working to remind us that the ocean is a finite resource and that only with a better understanding of and respect for the ocean will we be able to preserve an ecosystem that is vital to our very existence.

Ocean Realm Magazine
Oceanica's Marine Watch
Ocean Realm magazine is undoubtedly the finest periodical concerning underwater realms.

OCEANICA is a non-profit membership organization dedicated the conservation of marine ecosystems, the protection of marine biodiversity, and the promotion of an environmentally stable stewardship of oceanic resources. OCEANICA'S primary objective is to increase awareness, understanding and protection of the oceanic environment which supports all life on earth.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been on the front lines since 1977, directly defending the world's marine wildlife to maintain global biodiversity. This is achieved through the research, investigation and video-documentation of violations of international laws, regulations and treaties established to protect these species.

Earth Island Institute Life on Earth is imperiled by human degradation of the biosphere. Earth Island Institute (EII) develops and supports projects that counteract threats to the biological diversity and cultural diversity that sustain the environment. Through education and activism, these projects promote the conservation, preservation, and restoration of the Earth. Earth Island Institute was founded in 1982 by David Brower to foster the work of creative individuals by providing organizational support in developing projects for the conservation, preservation, and restoration of the global environment. EII provides results-oriented individuals the freedom to develop program ideas, supported by services to help them pursue those ideas, with a minimum of bureaucracy.

Bluewater Network The Bluewater Network is a coalition of boaters, scientists, marine industry experts, and clean water advocates working to reduce the environmental impacts of recreational boating.

The Project AWARE Foundation The Project AWARE Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to protecting our fragile ocean environment and its diversity of life through public education, innovative projects, research, and advocacy.