wood-turning commissions by Edric Florence
wood turners
native american Lakota pipe: turned wood pipe stem

A Lakota Elder's Ceremonial Medicine Pipe

Photography by Peter Shefler   2002  Clearstory Studios

As a wood-turner, Edric Florence will be glad and honored to make a custom wood-turning to your specifications. You may perhaps have a special piece of wood from an heirloom tree that you would like to see memorialized into a creative decorative or functional work of art, or you may have seen one of Edric's turnings that you liked but is not available for reason of its being already sold or given to someone you know.

Edric's usual lathe-turned wood-works include - but are not limited to - natural-edge and footed bowls, platters, hollow vessels and vases, large and small lidded containers, and a large variety of other artistic forms that can serve many functional or decorative purposes, but his exquisite skills both as an engineer and a artist/craftsman allow him to work with almost any design that you wish to have created especially for you.

Some of the woods that Edric harvests (never killing or harming a live tree just for the sake of a turning) or collects for turning include black cherry, spalted maple, curly ash, sassafras, red and white oak, yew, dogwood, black walnut, hawthorn, pear, crab apple, Siberian elm burl, tulip poplar, thuja species, bigleaf maple, black gum, magnolia, wild plum, osage orange, rhododendron, American holly, spalted birch, beech, English boxwood, eastern red cedar, persimmon and apple. These can be complemented with exotic woods such as ebony, rosewood, cocobolo, African blackwood, Australian eucalyptus, redwood burls, pink ivory, purpleheart, Grecian briarwood, banksia tree seed pods, bloodwood and other complimentary species.

If you'd like to have a one-of-a-kind piece especially turned for you but don't have a specific design in mind, please take some time to look at the selections in the Gallery Pages for inspiration, and then proceed on to to the very comprehensive Information and Ordering Contact Form on this website.

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