Testimonials & Reviews of Woodturnings by Master Woodturner Edric Florence


  Dear Edric,

Although I had worked with you over the years in the Engineering business, it wasn't until 1999 that I became aware of your other passion - that of wood turning. If you remember, I had so much admiration for your work that I purchased a number of your smaller production items for family and friends. Inspired by theses pieces, shortly after that, I hand-carried over a piece of wood - one that was not readily available to you in the USA - from our private trout farm in Germany.

I was very honored and surprised when you returned part of this wood to me in the form of a beautiful small turned vase. This is now proudly displayed in our home so that every one of our guests can see and envy it!

A piece of wood carried two times over the Atlantic and it changes shape! It is with pleasure that I let you know that this means so much to me, and wish you much success in the artistic world. I've now started a small collection of your work and look forward to adding more.

Harald Rackel
turned wood vase christmas ornaments

A letter from Harald Rackel, in Germany, who is a fellow engineer, trout farmer and private collector.

  As a former student of The Carnegie Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I feel qualified in saying that "Woodturnings by Edric" are true examples of creative artwork.

It has been my distinct privilege to see Edric's work progress from the raw turnings of an amateur to his current forms depicting incredible elegance and grace. Having gotten to know Edric well, I've witnessed his burning of very expensive "firewood" over the years when a turning didn't quite make the grade or was ruined in his attempts at pushing the envelope to perfection.

His influence may be Asian, but his style is certainly all his own!

To own a piece of work by Edric is to own a unique piece of art that can never be reproduced.
David A. Clark

Statement of a former student of The Carnegie Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and now an avid collector of Edric's work.

turned wood ikebana flower vase holder: Anuenue

This appreciation is from Carol and Jack Condron, regarding a special wood-turning commission.
  We were fortunate to purchase a few of Edric's very early production pieces. This afforded us the luxury of getting to know more about his creativity as well as watching his work and abilities grow over the last decade plus. So, when we had to have a tree removed in our yard, it was only natural that we commissioned him.

We are so appreciative of Edric for the three lovely pieces he created for my daughter, son and me. He was able to take an ordinary limb from our backyard tree - which had great sentimental value - and creatively turn the piece of wood into three separate and distinct works of art. Although the style of all three pieces is "identical", each piece is uniquely "different" due to the individual grain structures. This is a tribute to Edric's artistic eye!

We're also honored - and take some credit for - for this commission leading to his new line of creations in the "Anuenue" flower display pieces.
Carol (and Jack) Condron

  I have been photographing and documenting the work of many fine local and national artists and craftspeople for many years, and rarely do I find someone such as Edric Florence whose work is so consistently stunning and inspiring.

Edric's creations are a joy and a pleasure to portray. Their beauty demands that I push my own creative and aesthetic talents to capture their essence and do them justice. I have used many of his pieces as highlights of my of my own portfolio, and I always look forward to "seeing" what Edric will conjure up next.

I believe he is a true artist and a wonderful craftsman whose vision and work will have the permanence of the materials he so expressively transforms.
Peter Shefler

Clearstory Studios

Praise from a fine art and crafts photographer, and now, also a novice wood-turner under Edric's tutelage!

woodturners gallery: woodturning by Edric Florence

A testimonial excerpt from the architect Jonathan Weir.
  I've known Edric for over ten years now, professionally as well as personally. And, I have had the privilege of watching Edric grow from a production type wood turner - making entertaining little finger tops and Christmas ornaments - to a finely-skilled master craftsman, creating beautiful delicate vases, and other elegant forms.

I know Edric to be a man of strong conviction, diligence, and one who appreciates natural beauty and shapes. These noble qualities are deeply reflected in the craftsmanship of each piece he designs. Each item that Edric creates is an original work of art, and has an individuality all of its own. I own a number of Edric's pieces and expect to acquire many more.

Being in the Architectural field has allowed me to study a variety of artisans and designers that work with an assortment of different mediums. With this educational background I have acquired an admiration for the organic beauty accompanied by the natural yet defined lines that are brought out in each piece. Owning a piece of art is sufficient and satisfying, but owning a one-of-a-kind piece from Edric's melange is truly a pleasure....
J. Weir

  Astonishing doesn't even come close to describing the abilities of artist Edric Florence when it comes to his unique and unimaginable talents with respect to his wood turning expertise. How one individual is capable of producing such an exquisite and spectacular work of art from a piece of wood that is barely worthy to be classified as firewood is amazing! This particular gift of Edric's can be admired in his "Oh My" series of artwork, where a decayed log is remarkably converted into a genuine showpiece that can never be duplicated.

As admirers and owners of many of Edric's unique pieces of art, it is a simple and undeniable testimony of our perspective regarding Edric's competency and devotion to the art of woodturning. We have known Edric for over 20 years, and we have witnessed his love of this profession growing into a compulsion toward perfection. No piece of work will ever be created that doesn't meet the elevated standards perfected through experience by Edric over these years.

Edric's conceptions are proudly displayed throughout our home, and his transformations of a piece of wood into an actual work of art continue to astound and be admired by all that view his work. His capabilities encompass the ability to manufacture a functional unique sauerkraut masher for an individual client to spectacular relics displayed in prestigious art studios throughout the area.

One of the best ways to really appreciate one of Edric's turnings is to envision the origin of the individual piece. Only a few days ago, it was merely a piece of wood that had caught the eye of the artist - and then, Edric's enchanting capacity to visualize the internal grain patterns of an ordinary log found in the woods and then to restructure that object into a beautiful first class piece of art is utterely amazing.

To thoroughly appreciate Edric's skills, We highly recommend viewing his works at his private studio, where you can gain an overall assessment of his talents from conception through finalization. His completed works can also be found in numerous art galleries and exhibitions throughout the area.
John & Phyllis Baran
cherry wood vase with african blackwood

Praise from John and Phyllis Baran, collectors of Edric's works for over twenty years!

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