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Taino Indians
sacred tree dance: healing ceremonies

Before the dance begins, it is appropriate to read the story of the sacred tree in the circle so that everyone understands the message of the dance. The dance begins with a ceremony to honor the Sacred Tree and the web of life. We give-away the energy of our dance to bring nourishment and healing to some place on Mother Earth or to one of our relations. Each person dedicates the energy of their dance for a specific purpose. We can dedicate our dance to stop destruction of trees in the rainforest, purify the air or water, honor any of the creature beings, or send energy to any of our two-legged neighbors. Any positive intention that is brought into the circle is appropriate.

As we dance, our thoughts and energy extend out to connect with the goal of our intention. The energy of our footsteps around the Sacred Tree nourishes each part of the web of life. The dance staff symbolizes the web of life and carries the intentions that everyone pledges for the dance, even though the each person's give-away for the staff does not necessarily have to represent their intention for the dance. That way, the energy extends out to an even wider circle within the web.

All participants of the dance gather in a circle for the ceremony. Everyone at the site should be a part of this ceremony, as everyone is encouraged to dance for at least for a short while. This is not a spectator event. The energy of the dance goes only as far as the energy put into the dance. A pouch of tobacco is passed around the circle and each person takes a small amount. The tobacco is held in the left hand with the right hand on top, and the intention for the dance is put into it.


Spider is a teacher of Earth connection following the Taino tradition of the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle and the Wisdom Wheel teachings of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge.

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