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Sacred Tree Dance: Healing Ceremonies

Seven persons are chosen to bring the energy of the Medicine Wheel into the dance. Each one is given a match and will light the sage to honor the spirit teachers on the Mrdicine Wheel. The first person lights the sage and honors the Green Squash Mother, Grandfather Storyteller, and the spirits that bring faith and innocence in the South. The next person lights the sage and honors the Black Bean Mother, Grandfather Sacred Hunter, and the spirits that guide us through the Dreamtime in the West. In the North, the next person honors the Cassava Mother, Grandfather Peace Warrior, the Elders and the spirits that bring wisdom and healing. The person in the East honors the Yellow Corn Mother, Grandfather Builder, and the spirits that inspire our creativity.

The person who lights the sage for the direction of the Below honors the heartbeat of MotherEarth that we all feel through the soles of our feet. If there are two drums, a soft heartbeat rhythm can begin on one of the drum as this person lights the sage. In the direction of the Above, the sage is lit to honor the energy of FatherSky represented by the light of love that we each carry in our hearts. The final person lights the sage to honor the connection that we each have with the Great Mystery and all of the Ancestors who gave us the sacred breath of life.

The shell of sage is then passed clockwise around the circle and each person places their tobacco onto the burning sage while stating aloud their dedication for the dance. All participants should be encouraged to arrive in time for the dedication, but the shell of sage and tobacco pouch may be left at the entrance to the area for those who must arrive later.

Latecomers can be instructed to place their intention into the tobacco before joining in the dance. These persons can add their give-aways to the staff and baskets when the dance leader and drummer changes between rounds. Because the dance is a meditative ceremony, a person should volunteer to watch for and instruct late arrivals so that the energy of the ceremony is not interrupted for all of the others who are already dancing.


Spider is a teacher of Earth connection following the Taino tradition of the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle and the Wisdom Wheel teachings of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge.

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