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At the end of the fifth round, the dancers remain standing. The heartbeat drum softly closes and all of the participants at the site are called back into the circle. Hands are joined all around the Sacred Tree. Each person silently brings their thoughts back to the intention for which they dedicated their dance. These are sent into the dance staff in the center of the circle.

Each person sends out a color to create the Rainbow of Peace within the ceremony. With a deep breath, all of the energy of the dance is sent out through the colors of the rainbow to all of our relations in the web of life. Everyone lifts their hands to extend the energy the whole way out to the Field of Plenty, then lowers their hands to return the energy to MotherEarth, and brings back part of this rainbow energy to seal within their own vibral core. Each person present will take the inspiration of this dance with them as they go back to their individual Earthwalk.

At this point, a time of sharing can be initiated. The dance staff becomes thd talking stick and is passed clockwise around the circle. Everyone present can choose to relate their feelings, inspirations and visions from the dance, or be silent and pass the talking stick along. Perhaps suggestions will come up that can be added to the ceremony of the next dance.

Before leaving the circle around the Sacred Tree, each person will take a give-away from one of the baskets. Starting with the leader of the final round, each person will go to the basket in the direction that calls to them and take a different give-away than the one they brought. That person holds their gift up so that everyone can see it, and the person who brought that give-away chooses next until each person present has received a give-away from one of the baskets under the Sacred Tree... A time of feasting and celebration follow.


Spider is a teacher of Earth connection following the Taino tradition of the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle and the Wisdom Wheel teachings of the Wolf Clan Teaching Lodge.

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