Native American Indian Ceremonies and Mother Earth Prophecies
the harmonic convergence
Survival Manual for the Earth Energy Changes

Since we have passed through the center of the Vortex in the year 2000, things have most definitely speeded up. There is no foundation left for the institutions of separation that supported the Fourth World that we adults have lived in most of our lives. We have created time, governments, financial institutions, educational institutions, caste and class structures and ways of thinking that allowed us to see ourselves as separate from others. We have lived our lives thinking that validation came from someone or something outside of ourselves. All of that is a part of the past.

When Earth passed through the center of the Universal Vortex in 2000, the Fifth World began to solidify. There is a different energy surrounding our planet now. Time is passing by very quickly and we are witnessing the collapse of many of the institutions that were once familiar ways of life. Within ourselves, we are experiencing physical traumas as our bodies rearrange to accommodate the new energy vibrations. During this time, our DNA is being triggered. We are developing physical and emotional adaptations to survive in the Fifth World. Our senses of intuition, hearing and feeling are heightened. Although this may seem chaotic, we have an opportunity to grow in dimensions that were not available to our ancestors. Now we can really experience our connection with All Our Relations in the Web of Life and truly become creators of our own reality. We are living in a most exciting time!

The center of the Vortex that our planet passed through in January 2000 was only one of the major energy shifts that we have experienced and will yet experience during the twelve year cycle which ends in the year 2012. Each one of the energy shifts shakes a bit more of the Fourth World loose and triggers changes in our awareness as our DNA is activated and we become whole persons encompassing all that we can be. It is important to understand that at this time we are the ancestors of a new species of Two-Leggeds standing at a very crucial evolutionary crossroads. Everything that we think, say and do has an impact not only on ourselves but on the survival of our species and the world. Each one of us carries a tremendous responsibility for creating the future. Each one of us also carries an awesome gift to contribute. As we remember the promise that we made when we came to the Earthwalk, we will recognize our gifts and then we will use those gifts to create role models for living in the Fifth World. This is our legacy for the future.

I was given this information in fall 2002. I call it the "1,2,3, Rearrange!" method of survival. As our DNA code is activated, we are literally rearranging from the tiniest cells in our bodies to our outer relationships and living situations. There are things we can do to assist this process and make it as comfortable as possible. How you feel and what happens in the world is up to you:

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  1. Get Self Centered

  2. Get Earth Centered

  3. Get Community Centered

1: Get Self Centered

Bringing Your Energy Back To Center. The first thing to do is to stay in your center. Your center is the energy center that is located just above your navel. All of the energy for living comes into your body through this energy center. Think about it. When you are feeling sick or down, is there a dark or thick place in the energy surrounding your center? Energy must be flowing into and out of your center at all times for you to be happy and healthy. Get into your center by placing first your left hand, then your right hand over this energy center. Take five deep breaths and bring your awareness into your center. Put your mind down there and see what's going on. Do you feel present and grounded here? A lot of people live their lives with their energy pulled out of their center. Some people carry their energy in front of their bodies, anticipating the future and taking their awareness away from the present. Some people carry their energy behind their bodies, stuck in the past with little energy for present concerns. Still others carry their energy out to one side or both sides as they become so concerned with the affairs of others that they allow all their energy to be drained away.

Is your energy located outside your body? If you feel that you have little or no energy for doing the things you set out to do, then that is probably the case. While you stand with your awareness in your center, see if you can tell where your energy is going. Then, release this connection with a loving rainbow and bring all of your energy back inside. If you can't tell where your energy is, that's ok. Surround your center with a loving rainbow and sparkle the energy there until it has become strong and shining. Then, surround your center with a rainbow circle of protection so that your energy will stay there.

You can do this exercise several times a day if you feel the need. After a while, it will become very easy for you to notice when your energy is being pulled away and also easy for you to bring it back. Make sure that your energy stays in your center all the time. You will feel more balanced and grounded and also stronger, healthier and more at peace.

Create An Energy Band To Balance Your Energy

Your body exists in a strong electromagnetic field that is your personal energy web. Traveling out from your center, electromagnetic energy pathways take your energy web out to all parts of your body. The left side of your body has a negative charge, the right side a positive charge. By putting your hands together, you create a strong magnetic field similar to putting together the opposing ends of two magnets. The energy flowing between them tends to push the two apart, and creates a field that polarizes your energy. Polarization balances cell structure and removes blocks from within energy flow patterns to align both our physical and energy bodies. Polarization awakens the memory of your purpose on the Earthwalk and the new energy flow patterns of Fifth World.

It's best to practice this exercise every day in order to become aware of your perception of energy and allow your physical and energy bodies a gradual adjustment. Find a quiet space, preferably when you first awake or before going to bed, where you can put your full attention on working with your energy band. Be observant to the subtle changes in your body, mind, emotions, and the energy you attract into your life after you start using the energy band.

Also, use the energy band when you need to balance your energy. Injuries, headaches and emotional stress are examples of opportunities that allow you to learn about how your energy flows around your body. This exercise can be done alone or with someone else. If you share it with another person, feedback is very helpful in sharpening your perception and developing skills of balancing energy. It is not essential to graduate from a class in order to effectively work with energy for healing and manifesting. What is required is the ability to listen within, practice and patience.

Begin by standing with your feet about shoulder width apart. Put your hands together in the energy space in front of your center, palms touching and all the corresponding joints of both hands connecting. Hold your hands here a few minutes. Both sides of your body have distinctive rhythms. Feel the rhythm on the left side of your body, your nourishing side, and notice how your energy is flowing here. Now, feel the rhythm on the right side of your body, your giving away side, and notice how your energy flows on this side. Be aware of how the two sides of your body are similar and different at the same time.

After you have checked in with the energy flows on both sides of your body, allow your energy to begin flowing from the joints of your right hand through the joints on your left hand. Let these energies flow together until they create one unified rhythm. You have now centered yourself and brought your personal circle of harmony back together. When you feel your energy coming together, take five slow, deep breaths to allow you to more fully experience your rhythm. Then, slowly separate your hands. As you pull your hands apart, feel the energy band extending from the joints in one hand to the corresponding joints of the opposite hand. It resembles the feeling of pulling long, sticky threads of taffy. Let your hands act on their own to separate as far as you feel comfortable. You have now created your energy band.

The energy band is polarized energy. Each joint is a small vortex center where energy flows into and out of our bodies. Energy flows from joint to joint through our body. Our energy band creates a strong magnetic field, the environment for our energy to line up, which in turn creates the environment for the inter-molecular atoms in our physical body to line up. This energy band erases blockages in our energy body and changes the magnetic programming of cells within its field.

Direct your energy band by putting your hands on either side of the top of your head. Slowly bring this energy band down your body, all the way to your feet. As the energy band travels, it magnetizes your energy, harmonizing your energy body and strengthening your truth path. In this way, you are balancing your energy much like turning the dial on the radio eliminates static.

To use the energy band to increase your perception of energy, create the energy band and place one hand on either side of your head over you ears. Your sensory centers are the most sensitive places in your body to feel the flow of energy. Move your hands slightly in this position to notice the effects of subtle energy changes. To use the energy band on an injury, headache, or on a body part needing healing, create the energy band and put one hand on either side of the body part. Tune in to the energy in that place and let your hands decide the best position to remind the energy to flow in. Intention is not necessary or appropriate to use with the energy band because we cannot know the "right" way to direct energy. Each person and each experience is different. Simply placing our hands with the energy band in position is all that is required to remind our body of what to do to bring our energy into alignment.

Close off the energy band by slowly returning your hands to their original position in front of your center and bringing them together until the corresponding joints of both hands are once again touching. You always have the ability to create the energy band when your energy needs alignment. The energy band is one of the ways we can work with Fifth World energy through listening within to create harmony. Explore any feelings or messages you receive while using your energy band so that you can develop your own system of using energy.


We are exposed to a tremendous amount of energy every moment of every day. There are Universal energy shifts that we feel on a very deep level. There are changes to MotherEarth's energy web that we feel both in the atmosphere as changing weather patterns and in the Earth under our feet as the magnetic energy centers release and rearrange. We also are affected by the transformation of the institutions of the Fourth World which is causing social instability and sometimes chaos in our once stable country. The energy shifting of others around us may also affect us in a personal way. All of this is in addition to your own energy shifting. That is a lot of stimulation, even if you do not pursue activities during the day.

Still, none of us can afford to just sit around and let the energy shift. We have each chosen to be here at this time for a specific purpose to assist the energy change and bring in the Fifth World. Often, this means that we are creating role models for the future. These new ways of thinking and acting are understandably very slow in being accepted. Institutions can not endorse such different ways and people are going within to listen for what's truth. We may not find much support or nourishment for the seeds that we are planting, yet we know that they are so very important to the world.

The key to our health and well being during this time is rest. This means taking small "rest breaks" during the day to replenish your energy and center. When you take a "rest break" you step outside of the present situation and back into yourself. Your energy is strongest in your center, so these few moments will strengthen and energize you. Don't get too busy to give this treat to yourself. When you take a small moment away, you may start seeing things with a different perspective and receive inspirations to help you through challenging times.

It is also very important to get sufficient sleep at night so that you are able to walk all day amongst shifting energy that can pull you off balance if you are too tired. If you can't sleep, lay in bed and relax one tiny part of your body at a time, starting with your mind and senses, and go all the way down to the tips of your toes. When you lay down, you are directly connecting with the concentric circle of Mother Earth's energy web. Whether you sleep or stay awake, your energy is replenished through this connection. The closer you are to Mother Earth, the stronger her energy web. See if you can visualize the energy web. Surround yourself with Mother Earth's vibration of life and just be without expectation during your rest.

There is a space between awake and asleep which is where energy manifests and rearranges. You may or may not be able to perceive it, but even if you do, words are not sufficient to describe this place. A large portion of the time that you think you are asleep, you enter this space between. This is where healing, rearranging and transformation take place within us. This is the time that our mind processes the events of the day and our DNA shifts are triggered.

Vortex work can be done in this space by imagining a Vortex image on a part of your body and then letting it go while you enter the healing space. You may find that your awareness will return when that Vortex is finished working and then you can initiate a new one on a different part of your body. I have spent half a night doing this Vortex healing over my entire body and awakened feeling most wonderfully refreshed and balanced. Even if you chose not to do Vortex healing while you sleep, being in the space between is a necessary part of our transformation and evolution.

Take Care of Your Body: What We Eat

Getting enough rest is only one way that we must take care of ourselves during this time of rearranging. We must nourish ourselves on all levels of our beings with everything that we do. Everything that we come into contact with has an energy vibration that affects us. At this time, we need to be especially careful of what we wear and put into our bodies. You are what you eat. Really. Your physical body is built from the vitamins and minerals (or the lack of vitamins and minerals) in the food that you ingest. Your emotional body is affected by the chemicals, hormones and additives in your food. On a much subtler level, your spirit is influenced by the energy of that plant or animal and the way that it was harvested for you to eat.

We are much the same as the primitive hunters that eat the heart of their kill so that they can become strong and take on the spirit of that animal. When we eat a plant or animal, we literally take on the Spirit of that plant or animal and it becomes a part of who we are. If we bless our food, simply state our gratitude for the food or harmonize with its energy, then we will receive its healing gifts. If we grow and harvest our own food, those healing gifts can be greatly increased by the amount of personal energy put into our growth before we even eat.

The energy of the plants, trees, animals and All Our Relations is changing and rearranging just as your personal energy is. That means that the plants and animals each have a different energy vibration and nutritional value than they had in the past. Plants and animals are also affected by environmental toxins and pass these along to you whether you eat organic foods or not. For these reasons, and because now that your DNA is being activated and your physical body is shifting, your nutritional needs will also need to change to nourish this new growth.

There are many schools of nutrition with much information to share about the right way to eat, but each of us is shifting and changing in our own way so no one will be able to tell you what is right for you. Listen to your body. Follow your intuitive feelings for what is best for you to eat. If these feelings are really different than what your diet has been, take a chance and try it out. Then, pay attention to how you feel after eating this new food, later that day, the next day and even the day after. Learn to observe the subtle changes in your physical body, the way you feel and the energy surrounding your Sacred Space. Then determine what foods are most nourishing to support your changes. If you still feel that you need something or are lacking something in your diet, ask a clear question before you go to sleep and then pay attention to your dreams and the feelings or messages you have upon awakening. This is a good way to find out the answers to your questions. There are no right or wrong ways to eat, just the way that's right for you.

The only advice that I will give here is to eat the gifts that MotherEarth provides for us during this time because we are all connected in the Web of Life and we are all changing as MotherEarth's vibration changes. Artificial foods and those with a lot of chemical additives will only serve to muddle your energy and hold back your growth. On the other hand, wild foods like the weeds growing in your yard have adapted to the present vibration of MotherEarth and have the most gifts to give. But, we are each still in the process of transformation and will find our own personal needs somewhere in between. Listen to what your body is asking for and be grateful for your gifts of food. Whatever your choice may be, you can assist your shifting by eating what you need to feel balanced.

Be Aware of What You Use

The substances that your skin comes into contact with also affects your energy. Soaps, creams and cosmetics as well as paint, chemicals and the cleaning supplies that we use all interact with our energy. Substances that touch your skin go in through your pores and become a part of your body. Aromas and fumes enter your body through your lungs. You may find your skin changing now, requiring a different kind of attention or maybe even becoming allergic to the same things that you have used all along. This is because of changing energy vibrations.

In the Fourth World, where we were taught that we were separate from the world around us, there was little concern for the environment. People did not understand that everything we use and wash away also affects all of the Plant People, Tree People, Water People, Crawlers, Winged Ones and Four-Leggeds. Because this way of thinking is changing very slowly, there is still little regulation for the ingredients in cosmetics and cleaning products. Sometimes the ingredients are not even listed on the package. Luckily, many products are being developed that are all natural and environmentally friendly. It is up to you to decide what is best for you to use.

As in the case of eating, what is right for one person may not be the best thing for another to use. This is where it is necessary to know how to connect with the energy of something to determine if it is in harmony with your energy. First, stand firmly on your feet so that you are balanced and connected with MotherEarth. Put your hands on your center, left hand first and right hand covering it, so that you can close off your energy. Take five slow, deep breaths. If you feel distracted, close your eyes while you are breathing and visualize the Sacred Breath of Life entering your body and bringing you back to your center.

While you are breathing, ask your Guardian Spirit to let you know if this specific product is right for you to use. Then, place both of your hands on the item in question. Notice what you are feeling. Pay attention to how your energy is responding. Are your hands hot and tingling or lacking energy? Do you feel uncomfortable? Or wonderful? Or just ok? Use these feelings to make your decision. As you practice connecting energy, you will learn your own energy responses and this will become much easier. You can connect energy with anything outside of yourself. You can use this method to select which potatoes you will eat for dinner, what to clean the bathroom with, where the best location is for you to move or the sincerity of a friend. Remember, there are no rights or wrongs in this process, only what is right for you. What is right and healing for you is what is the most similar to your changing energy vibration.

Natural Healing

There are ways that we can connect with the energy of the natural world that can be healing for us during this time of changes. Water, one of the primary building blocks of our physical bodies, is very important. The Water World was the first manifestation of life on this planet. Water embodied MotherEarth's feelings and expectations for all of her children. Through the water of the sea, MotherEarth's planetary dream became a reality. Our First Ancestors came into their Earthwalks by swimming through the waters of the sea until they reached the Stone People's Land. While they were in the water, they were nourished by MotherEarth's love.

Water always has been nourishing for us. We have all heard the saying that 8 glasses of water a day is a requirement for good health. This is because water replenishes and renews our bodies. Most of us prefer to drink other things nowadays, although our bodies still need water. The rest of Our Relations drink only water. It is essential now to drink lots of water so that we can easily flow through these changes. Look for clear, clean water that has natural minerals.

Water can be healing for us in other ways. In many traditions, healing baths are used. Herbs prepared in a bath will bring their healing gifts to the bather. A bath of warm salt water will draw toxins from our physical bodies and clear our energy webs. In the purification lodge, steam renews our Earth connection. Even sitting in a tub of plain water can be a relaxing and replenishing experience.

Listen to the song of the water as it flows over the rocks, as the waves crash on the shore, and as the fog softly rolls by. Water still carries MotherEarth's love. Many of our Ancestors held special ceremonies at the sea, rivers and lakes. If you are able to sit by one of these special places, the water can renew your spirit as well as your thoughts and your body.

The Stone People manifest MotherEarth's vibration in a physical form. Within MotherEarth's center are great crystals that hold MotherEarth's dream and trigger events necessary for the survival of our planet. The crystals hold the truest form of MotherEarth's vibration. As they resonate, the storms are called and the seasons change. The crystals connect MotherEarth's energy web and carry her heartbeat. Their energy is strong enough to sing way out to greet our Universal family.

If you are lucky enough to have a small crystal, holding it will help attune your energy with MotherEarth's changing rhythms, but do not go searching for a crystal to use. In the past few decades, the popularity of crystals has lead to many of them being removed from deep inside MotherEarth. This has brought a major imbalance to MotherEarth. MotherEarth's vibration is scattered because too many crystals have been taken away. If you have more than one crystal, you could consider putting them back into the Earth (or ocean) to strengthen MotherEarth's vibration and help her through the changes.

Similar healing energy can be found in the stones that we walk upon wherever we are on the Earth. After the Water World came to be, great stone giants rose up out of the sea to become the Stone People's Land that our first Ancestors walked upon. During the evolution of MotherEarth, the shape of the Stone People's Land has shifted and changed, but the Stone People remain as our oldest ancestors. Within their shapes and markings, each Stone Person has recorded part of the story of MotherEarth's growth.

While you are out walking, look for the Stone People. Notice their shapes, the marks on their surfaces and where they are located. If you are really perceptive, you may be able to see the marks encoded within each stone. Pick them up and feel their energy. You may find a stone that fits in the palm of your hand that feels really good. This stone can be a healing stone for you.

There are many ways to use a healing stone. Carry it in your pocket and touch it often. Sleep with your stone. Listen with your inner ears and see with your inner eyes. Notice your dream messages. What does this Stone Person have to tell you? If you are injured or sick, placing a stone on your body can help ease pain and shift your energy. Stones carry minerals that can balance your body and the vibration of MotherEarth that can balance your thoughts and energy. Put your stone in a clear glass of water in either sun or moon light and drink in the healing energy of Mother Earth and Father Sky. Let the Stone People remind you to take a break and just be. The Stone People are the backbone of MotherEarth and they can be our support through changing times.

The Tree People connect MotherEarth and FatherSky. Through their intricate pattern of woven roots, the trees literally hold our planet together by keeping the soil in place and anchoring MotherEarth's energy web underground. Through their leaves, the trees renew and replenish the air that we breathe. Their branches dance with the wind and send messages through the woodlands. Listen to the trees talking. Watch the clouds overhead. Observe the behavior of the animals. If you pay attention, you will be alerted to all the major Earth changes before they happen. Trees are the source of our life. Without them, we could not survive. Besides purifying the air, they give us food to eat, medicines to keep us healthy and wood to build homes and just about whatever else we need. It is no wonder that our Ancestors had stories about the Sacred Tree that is the center of our world. When we honor the Tree People, we are grateful for the gifts given to us by MotherEarth to survive.

Find a tree that you like to be around. Go there and sit quietly for at least 15 minutes a day. While you are sitting under your tree, shut off thoughts from the tape that runs through your head. Focus on your breathing and feel how the rhythm of your breathing is shared by the trees. Close your eyes. Listen to the sound around you. Listen to the tree. Open your eyes. Look at the tree. Observe how the branches dance. Let your inner eyes follow the roots of the tree all the way down inside MotherEarth. Ground yourself with this connection to MotherEarth. Sit straight up against the trunk of the tree and feel the strength of the tree renewing your inner strength. Become a part of the Earth like the tree that is rooted in the same place season after season.

Everyone has a centering tree that they can go to for grounding and healing. Once you find your centering tree, all trees of that species carry the medicine of your connection so you will be able to find another tree to center you wherever you go.

As you sit with the Water People, Stone People and Tree People you may discover more of their special gifts that can help you adapt to these energy shifts. Spend time with them often.

Your Thoughts

Over ten years ago, I had a dream that I knew represented a crucial time for the evolution of our species of Two-Leggeds on the Earth. I was standing on the top of a very tall building with a group of people that represented every ethnicity and nationality. Suddenly, the building began to tremble and shake. Fearfully, people started running in all directions. I called the people together and asked them to join their hands in a circle and focus their thoughts on peace. That circle and its focused thought brought a sense of unity to the situation. The building under us exploded and we shot up into the air as if propelled by a rocket. We looked back at the Earth on fire below us. There was no turning back. Where we were headed depended on the thoughts that were held by the people in that circle of joined hands. I wrote this dream down in my journal, although at the time I did not fully understand its message. Then, while watching the newscast of the September 11th events, the dream came back to me with its feeling of urgency.

We have passed through the center of the Vortex. Now is the crucial time in the evolution of our species. MotherEarth is in the fires of transformation and it is up to us to envision the world of the future. We can not turn back. Where we are headed depends on the thoughts of everyone in the circle. The question is, how do we envision the future? The first step is to remember our gifts and use them. Our first ancestors were given a very special gift when they entered the Earthwalk. They were given a way to create with their thoughts. Along with this gift, our first ancestors were given the responsibility to be the caretakers of MotherEarth and All Our Relations. For many years, our ancestors used their gifts of creative thought and were mindful of the effects of their actions on all of their Relations. Our ancestors knew that if they held a focused thought for what they envisioned, they could make it come about. This is how our first ancestors learned to make fire, what food to eat and how to communicate with the other Creature Beings. This is how our ancestors discovered what makes our human bodies work and who our Universal neighbors are. Those focused thoughts lead to great inventions that have made life easier for us.

Our thoughts have energy and movement. Once we create a thought, it goes out onto the Web of Life and touches All Our Relations until it finally brings back to you the very image that you imagined. If you think that you can't do something, then surely you will not achieve your goal. If you think you have no friends, or worry that you are sick, your thoughts can manifest these situations in your life. Hateful thoughts can bring violence into your life. Unfocused thoughts can bring chaos and illness. It is just as easy to think thoughts that are happy and healthy. If you love yourself then others will see that love and you will have many friends. If you believe that you can make it, you can achieve a goal beyond all odds or beat a terminal illness. Love can bring harmony and happiness into your life and the lives of others. Focused thoughts can create a peaceful world.

Start by simply recognizing what thoughts you are generating with your mind. Your mind is like a computer. It programs your energy web and your body, then reaches out to share this program with others. If you don't like the program, you can shut it off or change it. Stop those thoughts that are disturbing and replace them with positive thoughts. Do this one thought at a time. For instance, if you think that you have nothing to offer others, then you can not create friendship. Everyone has a light of love within, so you can start by letting that light shine and offering it to others. Once you have erased that limitation, you will find other gifts to share. Then you can work on changing other thoughts. After you have consciously worked on changing thoughts for a while, your mind will automatically think in this new way.

If it is difficult for you to create a positive thought, or you just can't shut off the static that interferes with clear thinking, simply focus your thoughts on the rainbow. Surround yourself or another person or situation with a rainbow. The energy brought by the rainbow colors brings harmony. The energy surrounding you will shift and things will manifest in the best possible way for your growth. I have used the rainbow many times, both on myself and while doing healing work with others and found this a very gentle, non-intrusive way of creating changes.

It is important to keep your thoughts focused in everything you do. Our ancestors knew that, whatever they did, it worked better when they held focused thoughts. Baking bread can become a meditative activity and the resulting food so much more beneficial for your health if you put your love and focused thoughts into it during the entire process. Making a gift for someone is so much better when you put all your love and energy into it. We can all remember the things that our grandparents made and the homes that they lived in which held a special energy and character because they were created with intention.

In our busy, fast paced world, we are not taught to focus our thoughts. Rather, our thoughts are always wandering and pulling energy away from the task at hand. As a result, we create things that easily break down, make food that has little nutritional value and alienate ourselves from the world around us and the spirit essence we carry within.

Thoughts Of Gratitude

Our wisdom is found through the process of being grateful for all the gifts and experiences we receive every day. Appreciation is our process of using this wisdom. Gratitude and appreciation form a doorway that we walk through to personal healing. Every healing process begins with a learning experience that teaches us to focus our thoughts. We must be grateful for our experiences in order to pass through this doorway before healing finally occurs.

Every moment of every day, with each breath of life that we share, there are gifts and experiences waiting for us. If we look around, we notice the abundance and beauty of MotherEarth. Every bird song and every smile is a gift to energize us. The Creature Beings bring us teachings every day. The abundance within the Void is always available to manifest our thoughts.

We also walk with the Trickster Spirit everyday. The challenges and hardships brought into our life from the Trickster Spirit's lessons are as beneficial as the gifts of beauty given by MotherEarth. The experiences of the Trickster Spirit motivate us to learn survival skills, acquire personal wisdom, strengthen our physical body, and become more sensitive to energy vibrations. The gifts of MotherEarth nourish and nurture our body and spirit, but the gifts of the Trickster Spirit motivate our growth and bring wisdom and teaching into our life. For all of these gifts and experiences, we are grateful.

Gratitude is the key that moves us past painful or limiting situations. We have equal reason to be grateful if we break an arm, are involved in a fender bender, or if we receive a hug or see a beautiful sunset. All are gifts of life, bringing the energy for growth and change. When we receive a hug or see a beautiful sunset, we know why we are grateful, for these gifts share love and beauty. If we are in a painful situation, such as breaking an arm, we can also express gratitude, for surely we will learn how to live with the other arm and discover talents we have not known about healing ourself. When we have an accident, such as a fender bender, we can be grateful because it opens the door to better opportunities. Expressing our gratitude moves us past pain and frustration into the flow of healing energy. Often, we do not know why the Trickster Spirit's lessons come into our life until later. It is essential to trust that everything we invite into our reality is the absolute best for our welfare.

When we are grateful, we align our feelings and thoughts with wisdom and healing. Very simply, stop whatever you are doing seven times each day and say "Thank you, Great Mystery, for this moment". Expressing gratefulness automatically centers us and moves us past the limitations that stop our flow of energy. Taking a "thank break", a moment of gratitude, brings an increased appreciation of life within a hectic world. We can always thank ourselves for our contributions and achievements. We can also verbalize our gratitude to others. For those who are assisting us in some way, we increase their energy by sharing our gratitude. When we thank those who are giving us a hard time, we are actually thanking them for sharing their point of view. They undoubtedly will become quiet as your energy of gratitude causes them to rethink their words and actions.

You can express your gratitude as often as you like. Start with making a point to thank the Great Mystery seven times a day. Seven is the number of directions on the Medicine Wheel and the number of stars in the Doorway of Seven Stars that we entered to begin our Earthwalk. This universal number is a code for personal centering. Every time you verbalize gratitude, you increase the positive, loving, healing energy available on the planet. Gratitude brings us self-esteem and well being as well and sends out energy to attract love and peace into our relationships and other situations. There is never too much gratitude.

The vibration of the Fifth World is speeded up but we can still only do one thing at a time. It is necessary to prioritize and carefully choose where we want to put our energy. Take a few moments every day to sort out your thoughts and make choices. Then attend to the moment and share your good energy in all that you do. You will find that your energy, when used this way, multiplies and returns to you. Life becomes more meaningful. If something interrupts your agenda, welcome this as a gift and learn from it. In the larger scheme of things, this event is necessary. Perhaps this interruption will direct you in a way that you have not thought of before or will lead you to learn something new. Perhaps you only need to become firm in your choices and say, "not now" to outside influences. Listen within for guidance. Where you steer your energy is always up to you. When you are self-centered, you know who you are and why you are here.

You remember the purpose for your Earthwalk and can make choices to follow your path and do your part in the energy transition into the Fifth World. While it may take some practice, keep yourself centered in everything you think, feel, say and do. Share your good thoughts, good feelings, good words and good actions. Remember, you are making the way for the children and grandchildren of the new species of Two-Leggeds to live in this world.

2: Get Earth Centered

Once you are self-centered, you will recognize the connection that you have with MotherEarth and All Our Relations. We walk upon the breast of MotherEarth every day. With every step we take, we can feel MotherEarth's heartbeat under our feet. MotherEarth is always there for us, to listen and nourish our spirits as well as our bodies and minds.

Remembering Our Connection With Mother Earth

When we walk mindfully and take the time to listen to MotherEarth we can bring balance to our planet as well as ourselves. Through this simple exercise, you can speak with MotherEarth. This exercise is a good "time-out" for all children and adults as well. Children especially have ease with speaking to MotherEarth that makes this an excellent way for them to deal with conflicts. As we go through the frustrations and challenges of life, we need to remember that we always carry our nourishing roots inside of us and that MotherEarth is always there to listen to us and guide our Earthwalk. All we have to do to receive her wisdom is ask.

It's best to do this exercise out of doors where you can directly connect with MotherEarth. Go to a special sacred space or chose any place where you feel comfortable and have some privacy to speak freely. Sit on the Earth with your legs loosely crossed, or sit on a stone or log, whichever is most comfortable for you and the season. Put your hands on your center (the energy center that is located just above your navel), left hand first with the right hand covering it, and both of the thumbs touching together pointing towards your head. Take five deep breaths, each time inhaling slowly to fill up every part of your body with air, and exhaling swiftly to release any stuck energy.

Reach down to the Earth in front of you and make a small indentation in the soil with your finger. Then, put your hands on either side of this indentation, palms flat on the Earth, and with both thumbs and index fingers touching to make a circle around the indentation. This little opening into the Earth will allow a channel for you to speak with MotherEarth.

Through this circle, you can speak anything you need to say to MotherEarth. Gratitude and happiness can be shared, but you can also scream your frustrations or cry your sorrows into the circle. You can ask for the answer to a question on your mind or for advice in making an important decision. Speak aloud and clearly, allowing the feelings to come from your heart. Don't hold anything back. Know that MotherEarth listens without judgment and is very concerned about the welfare of every one of her children. Speak until you have covered all aspects of the situation and until you have said everything you need to say. Take as long as you need.

When you have completed speaking, remain in the same place with your hands on MotherEarth, and listen to what she says to you in response to your sharing. MotherEarth can speak through loud and clear messages, but she can also speak through subtle feelings within us and through the actions of the Creature Beings around us. Listen with all of your inner and outer senses and be aware of her voice. Stay here until you feel a response or receive an answer to your question. Then, thank MotherEarth for speaking with you. Pick your hands up off the Earth and place them in their original position on your center, right hand over the left. Feel the message of MotherEarth become internalized within you.

You will want to leave a small gift for MotherEarth inside the indentation in the soil. A pinch of corn meal or tobacco is appropriate; so is a piece of your hair or some breadcrumbs. MotherEarth also appreciates good thoughts and any gifts to nourish the neighboring Creature Beings. Cover the indentation back up and leave the area as you found it, but take away any garbage as a way of returning the favor of healing and cleansing that the MotherEarth has given you. Walk through your day feeling grateful for MotherEarth's gifts.

Walk Softly on MotherEarth

If we speak with MotherEarth, we remember that she is not only our mother who provides everything that we need but that she is also the mother of All Our Relations as well. We are all connected as family, all children of MotherEarth.

When our first ancestors came to walk upon the Earth, they were given the responsibility to be the caretakers of MotherEarth and All Our Relations. We interact with MotherEarth and All Our Relations with every step we take. If we listen within, we can feel MotherEarth's heartbeat under our feet with every step we take. Wherever we walk, we are walking in someone else's home. We are never alone, for All Our Relations are always all around us. We have a responsibility to be mindful of every step we take as well as everything we say and do.

For millions of years before we arrived, life for all creatures followed the harmony and rhythm of MotherEarth's cycles. Universal Wisdom is given to us when we enter the Earthwalk. Universal Laws, the Great Mystery's plan for the Universe, are available to all who listen within. Living within these guidelines kept the circle of life turning in an endless self-perpetuating state.

In the past hundred years or so, the Two-Leggeds have created many inventions that have forever altered life on the Earth. In our quest to be unique, the Two-Leggeds have forgotten to listen to the Universal Wisdom that we carry inside. We have created a way of thinking that puts us outside of the Universal Laws and a way of living that is concerned only for our own comfort. In our progress, we have forgotten that MotherEarth's gifts must be used wisely and taken care of for future generations. In our efforts to acquire wealth, we have disregarded the welfare of All Our Relations.

It is just as easy to create a way of thinking and living that is in harmony with MotherEarth and All Our Relations. Everything we need will still be here for us as it always was. It is up to us to learn to use the technology that we have created to bring the balance back to MotherEarth. MotherEarth's Cycles. As she spins in her rotation, MotherEarth dances the cycles of growth. As she hums in her spinning, MotherEarth sings the rhythm of life. Just as a child wants to be held by its mother and rocked, we need to take the time to feel MotherEarth's rhythm and observe the cycles of life if we want to live in harmony.

All creatures have cycles of energy and replenishment that occur during our waking hours as well as at night. Look around you. The sun comes up in the morning, the birds wake up and go about their day and all the animals have their rituals of living. In the evening, the sun goes down, bringing rest for the day creatures and the night creatures wake up. Each part of the day has a different rhythm and energy. Observe your energy very carefully throughout the day and you will find your high energy cycle, or the time when your body is most in harmony with MotherEarth's energy. This is the best time to plan, build, create and interact with others as you will have the most energy to share. You will also find your low energy cycle, or the time when your body most needs replenishment from MotherEarth's energy. This is not the time to give out energy. as you have very little left. Now you need to take a break and rest so that your energy can be renewed. If you can lie down and let your energy web connect with MotherEarth's energy web during this cycle, you can receive the most replenishment. At night you will have your most active dream period during your high energy cycle and maybe wake up at during this time. You will probably sleep very deeply during your low energy cycle.

It's important to find your energy cycles by listening within and not looking at a clock. MotherEarth's rhythm is not time as we measure it by the clock. We have invented time in the Fourth World to measure the passage of life. During these energy shifts, time as measured by the clock has changed and does not fit MotherEarth's cycles anymore. If you do not feel that there is enough time during the day, then you already know this. We can not live in harmony if we are always trying to follow a clock. When you have the opportunity, put your clock away and live by following your energy cycles. You can achieve an inner sense of peace and harmony by following your own inner cycles.

MotherEarth also has larger cycles that are the yearly cycles of growth. These are the planting, growing and harvest cycles of the Standing People. We can see MotherEarth birthing new life in the springtime, the growth that summer brings, the harvest of food in the autumn and then the rest time that winter brings for the seeds. Our bodies follow these cycles, feeling refreshed in the spring, wanting to get out and play during the summer, gathering in the fall and slowing down to rest more in the winter.

These yearly cycles are the cycles of life and death that continually renew our planet. Your body goes through a continual process of change following these cycles. You grow strong and healthy and then sometimes get weak or sick. This is all a part of your natural growth. You need times of rest and renewal as well as times of work and celebration. Your spirit also follows cycles in a never ending spiral the entire time that you are walking on the Earth. Listen within and nourish yourself through following the rhythm of MotherEarth's cycles.

Fifth World Rhythm

Now that we have entered the Fifth World, the rhythm of MotherEarth has changed. Things are not the same as they were before. The Fifth World has a faster rhythm and things are happening at a quicker pace. We are also exposed to more information than ever before available. This is because our planet is now rotating in a different location in the Universe. We can now feel the rhythm of the entire Universe along with MotherEarth's rhythm and cycles. MotherEarth, and all of her children, are waking up to remember the Great Mystery's dream.

This does not mean that we have to speed up. Many people are feeling stress at this time because we are overwhelmed. We simply do not have time for everything that we think we want to do. The changing rhythm of the Fifth World is calling each of us to make choices and focus our lives on the purpose for why we are here. Each of us came into our Earthwalk with a promise for living and special gifts and talents to help us achieve our purpose. We must remember our promise and use our gifts, for each creature that is living at this time plays an important role in creating the Fifth World.

We no longer have the time to do everything, to follow another person's dreams or to get caught up in the concerns of others. We can no longer let others tell us what to do. Every one must walk their own path now and do what we came here to do. We can support each other, but each of us must make our own choices and take responsibility for our own lives. When we follow our purpose and walk our own path, we can create a new world of peace and harmony. We create the new world by focusing on one thing at a time and doing everything with intent.

Your purpose is connected to the purpose of MotherEarth. When things appear to be going too fast, slow down and walk with MotherEarth's cycles. Take the time to smell the flowers, to watch the sunset, to listen to the water flowing over the rocks and the song of the bees. Observe the plants growing in their seasons. Within the rhythms of All Our Relations, you will find out how to adapt your own rhythm to the Fifth World.

Become a part of the Fifth World rhythm by celebrating the cycles of MotherEarth. The year begins in the springtime when new shoots start to grow back out of the soil. When the ground softens, decide what you want to grow in your life and plant your seeds. In the summer when the sun is high, celebrate life and All Our Relations. Gather friends in a circle to dance around the Sacred Tree and share stories. When the harvest is gathered, make a feast and give thanks to MotherEarth for sharing her gifts with us. Contemplate how you have grown in your life and be grateful for everything that has come across your path, for each situation, good and challenging, is a gift for your growth. When the snow blankets the Earth, go within like the seeds and dream of the future. This is the time to visualize a peaceful world and create things of beauty to share. Give good energy back to MotherEarth to help her through the changes. Make gifts to show your appreciation for friends and family. Be grateful every day for you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

In this time of changing energy, Two-Leggeds have an especially important role to play. About ten years ago, MotherEarth's energy pattern shifted. MotherEarth's energy web used to be a square grid encircling the planet and intersecting at specific points. That square grid is still in place but another energy pattern has opened up that is redirecting MotherEarth's energy. Now, energy is traveling outwards from the MotherEarth's center. If you could see the new energy grid, it would look like a shining star originating at the center of our planet and reaching out to the Universe. As the energy continues to shift, this star will shine brighter and brighter. When our energy is clear and balanced, we open up an energy channel for MotherEarth.

As we walk, we actually become a conduit for energy to flow into MotherEarth from the Universe and for MotherEarth's energy to flow out, amplified, to touch All Our Relations here and on other worlds. This energy flow triggers more of our DNA shifts. We are all becoming one energy body with MotherEarth.

MotherEarth's energy is also shifting because this planet is passing through great Universal energy bands into a new dimension. MotherEarth is being bombarded by bands of energy that are changing the vibration of everyone on the planet. Let yourself flow with these energy shifts. Our bodies take time to make the necessary adjustments so we will naturally feel lower energy on some days. This is part of our evolution. We may not understand these shifts or be able to fit them into our busy schedules but it is necessary to trust this process and move through this time as easily as possible. Take advantage of high energy days to get things accomplished. Allow yourself to replenish and renew on low energy days. Without judgment, be the best that you can be and do the best that you can do every day and know that it is good.

Make a commitment to spend some time everyday connecting with MotherEarth's energy. Celebrate MotherEarth's cycles and seasons in whatever way feels comfortable for you. Take the time to recognize the small gifts that come to you each day. Most of all, be grateful for each day because you are living in a most exciting time. Never before has MotherEarth and all of her children had these special opportunities for change and growth.

3: Get Community Centered

Now that you are centered within yourself and feel your connection with MotherEarth, you can understand the connection that we have with All Our Relations in the Web of Life. MotherEarth has given birth to thousands of different kinds of creatures. She has provided for food, shelter and other needs for all of these creatures. We are all Children of MotherEarth. Everything we see around us, no matter where we are, is connected in the Web of Life. That makes us all Relations. We all came here together, each playing a part in the grand dream of the Great Mystery.

The Great Mystery's Dream And The Web Of Life

The Universe began as the dream of the Great Mystery. Within that dream, the Great Mystery envisioned every possible creature living on all the worlds that would come to be in the great Universe that is our home. The Universe is more grand than our present science and technology can show us. There are many worlds with living creatures all playing out the Great Mystery's dream from every possible perspective. Each planet, sun and star rotates in their places according to the dream. Each creature being walks the path that Great Mystery has dreamed. We are all living out the scenario of Great Mystery's dream as unique beings, each with a point of view that is like no other. You are very lucky indeed to bring the gifts of the Great Mystery into the Universe.

Grandmother Spider was sitting in her web in the Sky World when Great Mystery awoke from the dream. She had connected the Void, the place of potential for creation, with the physical Universe created in Great Mystery's dream. The first life forms came out of the dream as seven shining light beings. They went out to take their places as the Doorway of Seven Stars. Grandmother Spider connected these shining energy beings to their physical bodies and they became the Doorway through which all Universal life enters.

Grandmother Spider never finishes her work of weaving this grand Web of Life. As each new creature enters life on every world, Grandmother Spider weaves it from feet to head into her web. Grandmother Spider connects each spirit essence to its physical body and then trails the web cord out from the center of each creature to connect the next and the next. The Creature Beings and Standing People connected closest to you have teachings, healing and wisdom to share that are special for you and can guide your Earthwalk.

Although we are connected with all life in the Universe, we have the closest connection with the rest of MotherEarth's children because they are a part of the energy web of this planet where we live. Your energy web, where Grandmother Spider connected you into the Web of Life, is bound up with the energy webs of All Our Relations. All of the energy webs of MotherEarth's children are a part of MotherEarth's energy web. The energy web is an invisible but very real energy connection. You keep your thoughts and feelings within your personal energy web. Your thoughts and feelings, weather conscious or unconscious, circulate within and around your physical body and can eventually make changes in your body structure and abilities. Your thoughts and feelings travel out from your energy web to touch All of Our Relations in the Web of Life. We can directly affect the lives of the plants and trees, animals and other people near and far from where we are. We can also be affected by the thoughts and feelings of the plants and trees, animals and other people, especially those close by. The connection that we have in the Web of Life is a symbiotic relationship that determines the evolutionary path of our world.

We are bound with All Our Relations on a very deep level within the Web of Life. Therefore, it is best to keep our thoughts and actions to those which we wish to pass along. When we live for a long time with unresolved issues and emotional baggage, we can send confusing energy out that will slow down the growth of All Our Relations. On the other hand, if we can see the positive side of our challenges and accept the lessons of our lives, we can send out peace and harmony that make the Web of Life vibrate with love. At this time in our evolution, we are becoming one energy being with MotherEarth. The Standing People and Creature Beings have already adapted to these changes. It is up to each one of the Two-Leggeds to consciously send out we want to share through our very special connection in the Web of Life.

Connecting With The Web of Life

This exercise awakens and strengthens our connection with All Our Relations in the Web of Life. Although most effective if done out of doors, it can also be done indoors sitting by a window. Doing this visualization in several different locations will further expand your awareness of the Web of Life.

Select a comfortable place to sit or lay down. Breathe slowly and deeply a while, allowing the Sacred Breath of Life to enter every part of your body. Soften the edges of your body and allow yourself to spread out on the Earth, feeling the MotherEarth's support beneath you. Even if you are indoors, MotherEarth is still beneath you, supporting your body and spirit essence. Clear your mind of all concerns except the present moment. Let your energy vibration harmonize with the environment around you.

Put your hands on your center, the left hand first with the right hand covering it, and with both thumbs touching and pointing towards your head. The space between your hands and thumbs is where Grandmother Spider connected you to the Web of Life. Put your awareness into this space and feel the energy of your connection to the Web of Life.

Look out at all of the life around you - at All Our Relations. Feel your energy web extending from your center and going out to connect with the energy web of one of these Relations. Feel the unique vibration of this being and the gifts that it contributes to the Web of Life. Observe how your energies, although two different vibrations, blend together in the web like different musical instruments harmonizing in a symphony. Understand the connection that you have with this Relation and the gifts you give to each other.

Then, extend your energy web - now harmonized with the energies of two beings - to another one of Our Relations in this environment. Once again, connect with its energy web and observe this creature's unique gifts, energy, vibration and relationship with yourself.

When you are finished, extend your energy web, now harmonized with the energies of three beings, onto another one of Our Relations in the environment. Continue connecting the Web of Life with as many of Our Relations as you choose. In addition to connecting your energy web with the beings you can see, you may also be drawn to connect with a winged one you can only hear, or a star too far away to see, or a creature living under the ground that you can perceive only by feeling its energy. Connect your energy web wherever you are drawn and continue until you fill complete in your weaving.

When you have completed weaving your web, draw it back into your own center. Feel the circle of the Web of Life and how it extends outward to include All Our Relations sharing the planet Earth. You can energize your connection to the Web of Life by sending a rainbow or a positive thought of love out through your center to all of the creature beings you have extended an energy connection with today, or the entire Web of Life. Every time we energize our connection to the Web of Life, we create a more harmonious environment to share with All Our Relations.

Honoring Our Relations

We replenish the Web of Life when we honor any one of Our Relations. Our thoughts and energy go out into the web to strengthen and energize our connection to the Great Mystery and all of our sisters and brothers. We know that all of our needs are within the web waiting to manifest. The needs of all the other Creature Beings are also in the web. If we take the time to listen to the Creatures and other Two-Leggeds around us, we can be the facilitators in manifesting their needs.

Start in your own backyard. Select a spot and sit there every day for at least fifteen minutes. Go to this place as an observer, and sit quietly and without moving. Breathe softly and keep your energy balanced and gentle. It takes at least fifteen minutes for the Creatures in the environment to resume their activities once there has been a disturbance. Look at the trees and plants in the area and see if you can identify them by name. If not, observe them closely for details and look them up later in a field guide. Notice the feel of the Earth under you, the sounds around you, the smells. Watch the birds and see if you can identify them through their songs or the color of their feathers. Notice footprints in the Earth of animals such as squirrel, raccoon or groundhog. If you are lucky, maybe one of these neighbors will pay you a visit. Look at the insects and crawlers. Allow all of these neighbors to teach you about their rhythms and how the Web of Life is connected in this particular place.

Return to this spot to observe for several days or even a week. Watch how the Creatures interact, what they eat, and what their needs are. Listen to the plants and trees to observe their rhythms and needs. Listen with your heart and inner ears to really realize the messages of these Creature Beings.

Once you have recognized the needs, plan what you can do to give a gift to replenish the Web of Life in this area. Build a birdhouse or birdfeeder, or plant wildflowers to feed the bees and butterflies. Plant new trees to replenish an area that has been cut down and prune the vines that choke off new growth in the forest canopy. You might want to plant a special section in your garden just as a "give-away" to feed the insects, rabbits and deer that are your neighbors.

If you live in the city, you can plant flowers to beautify the environment and attract birds, bees and butterflies to an area. It is especially important to help feed the wildlife remaining in urban areas as we continue to take away their natural sources of food. There are as many possibilities for planning an activity to replenish the Web of Life as there are Relations living around you.

This exercise can also be done by contemplating the situations of the other two-leggeds that share the Web of Life. There are many people living in our communities that need the assistance of their neighbors. Take time to observe them through the newspapers and television, church and community groups. Watch the people that live around you to identify their needs. Then, plan what you can do to energize their part of the Web. This can be a simple activity such as assisting an elderly person with shopping or yard work. It can also include participating in a group activity such as a food drive or volunteering in a program for the handicapped. There are many community projects already established that aid the welfare of individuals that are in need of volunteers and supporters. Every way of helping our families and neighbors puts energy out in the Web of Life and creates a more positive healing environment for All Our Relations.

All of our efforts to share within the Web of Life go out to benefit our immediate neighbors by making life better for them, and the energy ripples out like rings on a pond to energize the entire Web of Life and All Our Relations. All of the energy that you put out to help Our Relations will return to you, bringing even more energy and abundance through the Web of Life.

Caretakers of MotherEarth

When our Two-Legged Ancestors first came into the Earthwalk, they were given the responsibility to be the Caretakers of MotherEarth and All Our Relations. Each one of Our Relations was also given a responsibility so that life could function as an orderly whole. The flowers provide beauty through their colors and aromas and they make honey to feed MotherEarth's Children. The bees collect the honey. Trees shade and cool MotherEarth while holding the soil intact and produce fruits, flowers and homes for all of MotherEarth's Children. The Plant People provide food and medicines. Spiders carry the wisdom of weaving and the stories of living. The Winged Ones sing and dance the messages of peace. Each one of the Crawlers and Four-Leggeds also has a unique and important job in the Web of Life. If just one of these Relations ceased doing their job or became extinct, the entire Web of Life would be out of balance.

The responsibility of being the Caretakers of MotherEarth has been handed down to us as the job that the Two-Leggeds must perform to keep the Web of Life in harmony. When all of the Two-Leggeds live according to the Universal Laws, we are doing just that. Of course, there are always more creatures needing help than any one person's energy can assist. Select personal projects that are manageable and not energy draining. Doing one good dead to help Our Relations, and doing it with love and intention, is much better than trying to do many mindless good deeds at once because you are spreading yourself too thin. Know that whatever you chose to contribute, you are doing your very best and it will be.

Caretaking MotherEarth is an ongoing task for our Two-Legged species. Do not feel guilty about saying "not now". If things don't feel right for you at the moment, saying "not now" can help you keep your energy centered. If something seems too difficult or draining, let it go until later or do it when you can get help. "Not now" does not mean that you are refusing to help MotherEarth or All Our Relations - only that you are choosing the best time and place to do the best job that you can. Sometimes saying "not now" means that this is not the job for you. Remember that you are not required to be a Caretaker of MotherEarth all by yourself. This responsibility comes with our birthright as Two-Leggeds.

Our thoughts and actions go out to touch the lives of All Our Relations. What good thoughts and feelings are you sending out? Our thoughts can make a difference. The things that we say and do create an example for others. Make every thought, word and action a call to connect the circle back together. Reach out your hand and invite your family and friends to sit in the circle and envision a peaceful world.

The circle is the symbol that represents the energy and hands connected in the Web of Life. The circle of the Web of Life has been scattered as some Two-Leggeds forgot this connection. Now is the time to bring the circle back together. Get together with family or friends. Start with telling a story about how we are all connected in the Web of Life. Pass a talking stick around and let everyone share their wisdom. If you start out by yourself, and envision a circle of hands, others will come. Even if you start out with only two or three friends, the circle will grow.

Celebrate the cycles and seasons of MotherEarth in your circle. Honor the Great Mystery and the dream of living. Feel your connection with All Our Relations. Use the circle to send out positive, peaceful thoughts. The connection of hands in the circle amplifies all of the thoughts that you put into it. There is no limit to what you can create. Because thoughts and energy travel immediately through the entire Web of Life, you do not have to be right next to something to help heal it with your thoughts. It is possible to affect the actions of world leaders and even disarm nuclear weapons if we keep our thoughts focused with love and peace. You may not be able to see the results of the energy that your circle sends out, but know that it is being gratefully received by MotherEarth. Follow up your good energy with actions to create peace in your family and the world around you. When you make the choice to live in peace, then you will be peaceful. It will take many circles sending out peaceful energy to create a totally peaceful world.

On To The Future

There are many major changes yet to come in this transition from the Fourth World to the Fifth World. As we approach the year 2012, things may seem to speed up even more. We will let go of time and embrace the cycles of life. The present institutions will begin to be replaced by more intuitive, Earth connected groups. The DNA shifts will open up our individual abilities to see, hear, taste, imagine, feel, touch and think in more expanded ways. We can be creative now in ways that we never dreamed possible. Our world can be recycled and transformed. Peace can replace war if we hold this in our hearts. In several hundred years, our descendants will live in an entirely different world with very different capabilities than we now have.

MotherEarth has made this transition three times before in her evolution up to the present Fourth World. Each time, our planet has changed as the land moved; the Plant and Tree People have adapted as the energy shifted; species of Creature Beings have come and gone and perception has expanded as energy vibration increased. When we think of these changes as part of MotherEarth's planetary growth, we know that there is nothing to fear. We are standing in a big doorway to the future. Most of what is on the other side of the doorway is still unknown to us. If you look at the news, perhaps all that you can see at the present time is the Fourth World institutions crumbling as the educational, religious, financial and governmental organizations can no longer survive. If you look inside yourself, perhaps what you feel is a need that you can not identify. Situations in each of our lives are changing as we attract different people, jobs and living spaces. We are each given a choice at this time. Step over the threshold. Don't look back.

We can not imagine how the bodies of our future grandchildren will look, how we can clean up the environment, what new species these changes might birth or how the world will look with expanded perceptions. But we can dream our good dreams for the future, imagine our goals and trust that this will come to be. When these thoughts and dreams go out on the Web of Life, they will create what we hold in our hearts. Each one of the present energy shifts is a gift in the grand adventure of evolution. We are headed exactly where we think we are going.

All possibilities always exist within the Web of Life. When the Great Mystery dreamed the dream of living for the Universe, every possible option was also dreamed. All we need to do is to envision our choices and they will manifest. We are being tested now to develop the skills of envisioning the future. With all the chaos in the world, it is very easy to feel afraid. But fear only stops the process of envisioning. Fear slows our energy vibration so that we can not grow. Fear keeps our energy compacted so we can not expand our awareness. Fear keeps us within limits and boundaries. Turn the channel of your thoughts from fear to love by forgiving.

Forgive those who are bringing your biggest lessons. Be grateful for their help in your growth. Forgive those that are trying to control the world and the Fourth World institutions. Feel instead compassion that they can not see beyond the doorway. Forgive others for creating your big and little everyday challenges, for in the evolutionary cycle of MotherEarth, these things are really insignificant. Most important of all, forgive yourself. Be grateful for who you are and all the gifts that you have.


How are you going to survive these energy shifts and Earth changes? The choice is up to you. Now is the time to start simplifying your life. Focus your goals for the future and release those things that you no longer need. Be yourself, love yourself, and be grateful for this opportunity to live in such an exciting evolutionary doorway. When in doubt, trust and be flexible. Since we do not know the bigger picture, allow the Great Mystery to guide you. Take each day as a message and you will make an easier transition. Honor the Sacred Tree. Know that everything you need will be here for you all the time. Look for it and you will find it.

Honor All Our Relations. Wherever you are, look out and see Our Relations. Be kind. Make your thoughts and actions those which you want to pass along. Honor the cycles and seasons of MotherEarth. Embrace a rhythm of living that is outside of the clock and within the harmony of natural rhythms. Hold positive, peaceful thoughts for our world. Know that we can create a peaceful future and a loving world to give to our children and grandchildren. We create this peace starting with our own family and friends.

Do everything with intention. Life will become more balanced when our hearts are behind our actions.

Feel good. If you do not have good feelings, turn them around so they will be. From your good feelings, create good thoughts, say good words, make good actions and reach out your hand to your neighbor in peace. Be grateful. For everything. Welcome back to the circle.

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