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What is the TIR E-Forum?

The TIR E-Forum is an electronic meeting place for the exchange of thoughts and experiences involving the use of Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) and related metapsychological techniques.

Why subscribe to the Forum?

If you have questions concerning Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) or its application, the Forum will provide you with direct access to a world-wide group of TIRA-certified trainers and other professional experts in its use; If you have data, observations, or comments concerning TIR, the Forum will provide you with a large and growing audience of readers with a focused and enthusiastic interest in the subject.

  l   To graduates of the TIR I (or higher level) workshop:

In order to facilitate and enhance the results of your training experience, and assist you in using TIR in your practice, the TIR E-Forum will give you the opportunity to ask practical, technical and procedural questions or to discuss case studies with your peers and Traumatic Incident Reduction Trainers and Technical Directors who are members of the Forum.

PTSDTo sign up for the TIR E-Forum, please use our Enquiry Form.

TIRA Membership

PTSDAccess to the TIR E-Forum is only one of many benefits of a TIRA membership through this special offer. Other benefits include:

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post traumatic stress disorder Organization/Trainer Memberships

(Invitation to join TIRA at the Professional level is extended to graduates of the TIRW-1 - The Traumatic Incident Reduction Workshop #1 - who agree to abide by the TIR Code of Ethics.)

If certified by the Association as trainers, they have as well the right to purchase course materials from TIRA. Current Professional membership is a prerequisite for practitioners wishing to maintain certification by the TIRA as facilitators or trainers working professionally with applied metapsychology.

For full information on all of the benefits and details, you can access the Traumatic Incident Reduction Association (TIRA) membership page.