"The Wonder of It All"

Stained Glass | 26" X 34" | 1999

In the Beginning, when it was Dark, we were Alone.
In the End, we will be Strong - Stronger than Silence.
We will be Big - Bigger than Secrets.
We are Many - More than an Army.
We count on it - Strength in Numbers.
We will Speak it - They will Listen.
We will be Heard - They will Believe.
They will See - we will be Seen.
We will Belong.
We will be Loved - And we will Love.
Love will come Easy.
We will Ask, and we will Receive.
We will Give and we will be Giving
And in the End we will Live
And in the End we will be More than We Dream. _ Judy Castelli

© 1998, 1999   Judy Castelli