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TIR, or Traumatic Incident Reduction, is a unique regressive, repetitive, desensitization procedure - highly focused, directive, and controlled, yet at the same time wholly person-centered, non-interpretive, and non-judgmental. Developed by Frank A. Gerbode, M.D., Gerald French, and others, TIR is best known for its use as an extremely effective treatment for the rapid resolution of virtually all trauma-related conditions, including PTSD. In competent hands, however, TIR also has applications in addressing and resolving a litany of other, less obviously trauma-related symptoms and conditions representing a significant part of DSM-IV. A partial list would certainly include adjustment disorders, acute stress, traumatic bereavement and grief, dysthymic disorders, major depression, generalized anxiety, re-experiencing of somatic conditions, sexual abuse issues, and various phobias.

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