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Traumatic Incident Reduction:
Therapy for PTSD and Trauma: Directory of Therapists (Practitioners)
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TIR, or Traumatic Incident Reduction, is a systematic method of locating, reviewing and resolving traumatic events. Once a person has used TIR to fully and calmly view a painful memory or sequence of related memories, life events no longer trigger it and cause distressing symptoms.

TIR has proven useful in relieving a wide range of fears, limiting beliefs, suffering due to losses (including unresolved grief and mourning), depression, and other PTSD symptoms. The TIR technique can be traced to roots in psychoanalytic theory and desensitization methods; however, it is carried out in a thoroughly person-centered, non-judgmental and respectful context.

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The Traumatic Incident Reduction Association (TIRA) currently certifies three levels of facilitator.

The first is that of certified TIR Facilitator (CTF). A CTF has completed the TIR Workshop or equivalent and has thereafter practiced for at least 50 session-hours under supervision. A CTF has demonstrated competence in using TIR with trauma survivors and has successfully submitted a videotaped session for Certification Committee approval.

The next level of certification is Advanced TIR Facilitator (ATF). An ATF has completed the full, Traumatic Incident Reduction Course and is certified as competent in applying all the metapsychological procedures that can prove necessary to prepare a person for TIR, as well as in doing the biomonitored version of TIR.

The highest level is that of Certified Metapsychology Facilitator (CMF). A CMF is fully capable of facilitation on any Section of the Curriculum, including those which contain Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR). unmetered forms.

[Those below with the symbol Traumatic Incident Reduction   following their names are also TIRA-certified Trainers.]

[Those below with the symbol technical trauma services   following their names are also TIRA-certified Technical Directors.]

[Those below with "C.T.S." following their names have also been certified by the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists as Trauma Specialists. This is the organization formerly known as theInternational Association of Trauma Counseling (IATC).]

[Those below with "B.C.E.T.S." following their names have also been named Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress and are thus listed in the National Registry of The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress.]