Workshop Schedule & Policies

Workshop schedules may vary, depending on location and instructor. Generally, (Note: this is an intensive, small group experience. Please arrange to attend all sessions.)

Fees and cancellation policies vary depending on instructor and venue. In some instances, group rates are available.


Continuing Eductaion

If sponsored or co-sponsored by TIRA, this program provides 30 hours of professional continuing education credit.

Provider Approval: TIRA is approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to offer continuing education for psychologists, and by the Association of Trauma and Stress Specialists to offer CE credits towards certification or re-certification by the International Certification Board of Trauma Counseling. The Association maintains responsibility for the program.

Participants in all specialties will be provided with a certificate for this workshop upon completion of attendance and skill demonstration requirements. This certificate may be used to secure CE credits from participantsí respective licensure boards and/or professional associations.


How to Enroll

For information on dates and venues, please see the Calendar of TIRA Approved Workshops.

To enroll in a workshop, you can use our Enquiry Form, which will automatically be submitted from this website. The appropriate registration materials will then be sent to you.

Submit an Enquiry Form


Or, you may e-mail a message to TIRA or call the TIRA office at 800-499-2751.

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